A little something for Spooky Season

A little something for Spooky Season

Angel Fancies

Shy and peeking
through the cracks,
a spirit shivered white,
disturbed fleeting dust

fragile as new maple leaves,
the widow starts a-working
such warmth within the
vague spot of light which

fell from the open door,
bubbling ragged and
wispy wet poetry
from ribboned solitude

flight of frantic wings
around her shine
angel fancies,
blown up and away.

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Mr. Water Gate

Mr. Water Gate

Mr. Water Gate333333


Sour faced Mr.

water gate

gone to vote, rigged

                the entire burden

                         lazybones slapped

forget fact

                fiends in human form



children worshipped guns

he adored



              his mother



Blackout poem from Page 642, Andersonville, by MacKinlay Kantor, 1955
Previously published on the Found Poetry Review’s Pulitzer Remix Project website, April 2013.