Das große Rasenstück 

deep green, ochre green,
mould green, amber green
earth untamed, unkempt
majestic perspective
rendered expertly
into perfect fertile chaos

a handful of turf
subject to trampling
by horse or by foot,
cart wheel or plow
anywhere, everywhere,
look down

dandelions unbloomed
bowed in long grass
holding petals tight,
will burst forth–
three brilliant suns
at morning’s light

leaves don’t care
if they are ovate,
or spatulate,
are unaware
that they are dactylis
and poa pretensis

the golden sky
halos the blades
of grass and seed,
the tallest growing
beyond the frame

worms wander
through white roots
tethered to a common plot,
creeping things live,
feed and breathe

Previously Published in Between the Lines, 2012.


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